BEYOND ACTIVITIES© is designed to promote cognitive & physical health engagement activities in assisted living communities and care homes. This program will provide caregivers with the tools and knowledge to lead engaging activities that will enhance the quality of life of their residents.  Created by Shawna Beck, BA in recreation administration, emphasis in therapeutic recreation from San Diego State University.  Shawna has been a senior care advocate for over 30 years and understands that a resident’s longevity and quality of life is often driven by engagement and socialization. This is not just busy work; this program is therapeutic and engaging for your residents.

What is the program?

BEYOND ACTIVITIES© incorporates the 5 Psychosocial Components of Care:

  • Security
  • Connection
  • Community
  • Independence
  • Leisure

What’s the Purpose?

When the elderly move into an assisted living/care home setting, it is either because they can no longer care for themselves safely at home alone. They have suffered an injury or fall. Or they are simply declining in overall health. As care providers, we must remember these elderly individuals have lived a full life before reaching this point. The last thing they want is to have infrequent opportunities to be stimulated intellectually and physically. Your caregivers will learn tips to providing higher levels of activities.

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