Caregiver Staff Training

Beyond Basics is Professional Caregiver Training provided by qualified trainers either on-site at your assisted living/board & care or in our office & host locations.

Beyond the Sky Solutions (BTSS) understands the challenges of developing a great caregiver team. We also understand, every administrator wants to hire caregivers with skills and knowledge. Sometimes you need to hire people with the willingness to do the job and train them.

Implementing an onsite caregiver training program with BTSS allows you to strengthen those skills that each caregiver needs to improve. Nothing is wrong with training videos; however, LIVE onsite caregiver training can take your caregiver team to a higher level.  This onsite caregiver training also helps you to identify any weak links within your assisted living/memory care/adult residential facility. Taking you, the administrator out of the conversation for an outside point of view. Caregiver training and development provides both the caregiver and care provider business benefits that make it a worthwhile investment.

Benefits such as:

  • Giving the administrator time to address other needs of the business.
  • A demonstration of business investing in their people.
  • Providing a safe space for saying “I don’t know how to do…”
  • An open forum for questions and outside of the box thinking.

Learn about our onsite caregiver training. To help you stay compliant with regulations and develop a stellar team of caregivers.