RCFE Regulation Subscription Service & Compliance Call

Staying on top of regulatory compliance is one way to protect your business from penalties and unnecessary lawsuits. Sometimes reading through emails just won’t do. Discussing the issues and updates with one of our consultants on a regular basis will help you to comply. We have an offer to help you do just that!!

All licensees shall subscribe to the appropriate regulation subscription service and are responsible for keeping current on changes in reg per Health and Safety Code Section 1569.155. Don’t just settle for email blasts, get a compliance conversation quarterly.

It takes a tribe to help you stay compliant with Title 22 regulations. Don’t be caught off guard. Have questions about keeping yourself compliant or in a sticky situation and want to get a second opinion? We have experienced and knowledgeable administrators to help you. Limited to 10 calls per calendar year regardless when purchased.

Subscribe today!

You have a choice of the following;

1. RCFE Regulation Subscription Service Only $45


2. RCFE Regulation Subscription Service and Compliance Calls $385