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Administrators have options for 20 hours = 2 days, 10 hours = 1 day or individual topics.

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20 Hour April 18 and 19 ARF & RCFE CEU LIVE Streaming

April 18, 2020 @ 8:00 am - April 19, 2020 @ 6:30 pm


20 Hour ARF & RCFE Administrator CEU Training

April 18th and April 19th

Due to Covid-19 and the Stay at Home orders

DSS has approved LIVE Streaming to apply toward your LIVE Hours for CEUs

Daily Schedule

8:00 am-6:30 pm Education

Saturday, April 18th

  • Diversity & Inclusion in the Care Setting (2 hours) 8-10 am

RCFE#433-0214-30663 ARF#433-0214-30664 Subject Code: 14- Cultural Competency

This two-hour course will help administrators better understand key aspects of the impact of cultural diversity in their businesses. Discussion will include working towards a sense of belonging by all residents and staff; a care setting in which the diversity of individual’s backgrounds and differences is appreciated and valued. At the end of this discussion, participants will be able to:
Understand the impact of Diversity & Inclusion in their care setting.
Define what diversity looks like in their care setting.
Identify cultural bias
Identify ways to incorporate cultural competency in activity programs for residents.

  • Utilizing POLST in Care Setting (2 hours) 10 am-12 pm

RCFE#433-0206-2903 ARF#433-0206-29202 Subject Code: 06 – Physical Needs

Instructor will discuss how POLST forms are useful documents that allows for documentation of a resident’s wishes regarding medical treatment at the end of life and review barriers to effectiveness if the form is misplaced or inaccessible during an emergency.

  • Coping with Grief and Loss as a Professional (2 hours) 12:30-2;30 pm

RCFE# 433-0205-29832 ARF#433-0205-29831 Subject Code: 05 – Community & support services

Instructor will review the definition and stages of grief as well as to recognize its various manifestations. Appropriate behaviors and boundaries for staff interactions with grieving families and residents will be reviewed. Ideas and tools for managing and supporting grief among staff will also be reviewed. A group discussion will be held to share challenges and best practices to support staff in understanding their feelings while having a sustainable career in their field.

Psychosocial Needs of the Elderly (2 hours) 2:30-4:30 pm

RCFE #433-0214-30661 ARF#433-0214-30662 Subject Code: 04-Psych/social needs

When our needs are met this helps us to be calm and relaxed. When these essential physical needs are not met, we react to being in discomfort in a variety of ways. A person with dementia may have difficulties in several ways in meeting these essential needs.

The Impressions: How to Improve your Move-in Conversation (2 hours) 4:30-6:30 pm

RCFE#433-0208-28673 ARF#433-0208-28674 Subject Code: 08 – Admission, retention & assessment procedures

In today’s competitive market, it is vital for assisted living, board & care and adult residential care facilities owners/operators to take advantage of the opportunity to connect with families/potential residents during the touring process. A potential resident’s family makes an impression of your ability to care for their loved one within the first 30 seconds of visual communication. This course will help attendees understand details to help them in closing the deal with potential residents.


Sunday, April 19th

  • Cultural and Ethical Challenges in LTC Advance Care (3 hours) 8- 11 am

ARF 433-0304-31918 RCFE 433-0304-31920

Subject Code: 04 – Psych/social – psych/social needs

The purpose of this seminar is to inspire administrators in the long-term care (LTC) settings of assisted living, adult residential and skilled nursing to assist residents in defining what is the right end of life care decision for them and how to address the challenges in doing so. We will explore the significant disparities in end-of-life care planning and decision making by people of minority ethnic backgrounds compared with members of mainstream English-speaking background populations. Attendees will walk away with practical knowledge and best practices to implement in their LTC setting.

  • Powerful Communication in the Care Setting (2 hours) 11 am-1 pm

RCFE #433-0203-29307 ARF #433-0203-29306 Subject Code: 03 – Management & Supervision

Instructor will provide tips to delivering customer service through verbal and non-verbal communication. Emphasis on how to use powerful phrases “the right words” when communicating with clients and team members for best outcomes.

Nutrition for the Elderly & Professionals Caring for Them (2 hours) 1;30 -3:30 pm

RCFE# 433-0206-29594 ARF#433-0206-29595

The Instructor will discuss how nutrition, or the lack thereof affects body and health of their elderly residents. The attendees will also learn the three Causes of Disease: Environment & Nutrition, Life Stresses (Hormonal), & Physical (Blood-related) Issues.

The following 3 hours provided by LTC Safety

  • Comply with AB 3098 Emergency & Disaster Plan

RCFE 364-0216-33338 ARF 364-0205-33339 Subject Code: 16– Managing the Physical Environment

  • Power Outage Tabletop

RCFE 364-0116-29708 ARF 364-0116-29707 Subject Code: 16– Managing the Physical Environment




Current Department-Approved Vendors will be allowed to live-stream approved courses that would otherwise be held in-person. This includes Initial Certification Training Program (ICTP) and Continuing Education Training Program (CETP) courses offered. For purposes of this waiver, “live-stream” means material that participants can actively engage in and/or watch in real-time on the internet, including but not limited to, Skype, Go-to-Webinar, Zoom, Collaborate, Snagit, etc.

$85 for one day,

SPECIAL $130 for both days! 



April 18, 2020 @ 8:00 am
April 19, 2020 @ 6:30 pm
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